Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Additional Billing OptionsHow to set up and use Evergreen Retainer on an existing matter.

How to set up and use Evergreen Retainer on an existing matter.

The 'Evergreen Retainer' feature allows firms to maintain a minimum trust balance at all times. When your client dips below the 'Replenish when below' amount, the system will automatically add a request to replenish the trust account on the next generated invoice. When the payment is made, this will restore the trust to the minimum required retainer amount.

1. Navigate to the matter you wish to turn on Evergreen Retainer for.

2. Click on 'edit matter' on the top of the matter dashboard.

3. Under 'Additional fields' click on 'Billing Information'.

4. Toggle Evergreen Retainer 'On' and set your 'Minimum Required Retainer' and 'Replenish when below' amounts.

5. Be sure to click 'Save Matter' in order to save your changes.
6. In order for the invoice to display the Evergreen Retainer information, you will need to edit your invoice template and save the changes.
7. From the navigation bar, click on  'Tools'.
8.  Select 'Custom Invoice Templates'.
9. Download the invoice template merge fields, by clicking on 'See a list of available fields'.
10. Copy the desired merge fields from the merge field list and paste them into your existing invoice template.

These are examples of a few available fields: 

11. Be sure to upload your new invoice template after making your changes.

For additional help on editing and uploading your invoice template click here.