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Importing data from an external source.

When importing data from another system we advise you to complete your final round of invoicing (in your old system) before exporting your data. This way, the balances that you bring into Rocket Matter will reflect the most up-to-date information. Once the data is imported into Rocket Matter, any new charges will be entered directly into Rocket Matter. Past due balances will be entered as credit or debit adjustments. 

Please note: If you currently charge interest to your invoices you will need to enter the past due balances as flat fees (include a description), create and apply your Interest Rule(s), and run Invoices prior to applying interest in Rocket Matter. 

Prior to manually entering billable time, you will need to import your Contacts and Matters. Please use the attached CSV file for importing and exporting your data.

1. Collect or export your current Matters and balances into a CSV file. Once exported, you can send the file to your on-boarding specialist to determine next steps for your account.

2. If you are entering the data yourself, use your CSV file as a reference. Import Contacts first, followed by Matters.

3. Navigate to the Matter you wish to import a balance to.

4. Select the 'Matter Ledger Balance', located on the Matter Dashboard.

5. Select '+ add an adjustment'.

6. Choose 'Debit' or 'Credit', enter the date, amount, and a brief description. Lastly, select 'Add'.

Your screen will refresh with the updated data.