Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Kanban ViewHow to use Rocket Matter's Kanban View.

How to use Rocket Matter's Kanban View.

1. Click on 'Kanban Board' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click the drop-down labeled 'Boards' then click on the matter type you would like to see. Each matter type will have it's own board.

3. Click on 'Edit Filters' to choose the filters you would like to use. Click 'Apply Filters', to apply.

4. Arrange your swimlanes according to the logical workflow order for the case type you are viewing. Click on the 3 gray lines at the top of the column and drag and drop to move.

Note: The top of each swimlane or column will display the status name, the amount of days within that status and how many matters are currently within that status. For the screen-shot above, the status name is 'New Case Intake', the amount of days for that status is '3 days' and there are currently '0' matters within that status for that case type.

5. Each swimlane will display a matter card. These cards will contain information on the matter, along with links to the matter itself.
6. When you are ready to transition a case from one status to the next, drag and drop the matter card into the appropriate swimlane.

NOTE: Any available swim lane will be outlined in green. All Matter Templates attached to the workflow status will populate on the matter dashboard upon status change. A pop-up will appear and prompt you to enter the additional role information and 'Save' template upon status change.