Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseReports'I want to see a list of all matters with an Evergreen Retainer' Report Key

'I want to see a list of all matters with an Evergreen Retainer' Report Key

This report will only show matters with the 'Evergreen Trust' enabled. In the event, the trust account is in balance and no replenishment amount is due, users will need to toggle on to include matters with no retainer replenishment due filter to see all evergreen matters. 

One important note is the trust account balance does not factor in pending trust transfers tied to invoices. Therefore, the 'replenish when below' and 'retainer replenishment due' will not update properly until these funds are manually confirmed.

Summary Totals

Total Retainer Replenishment Due:  This amount is the total replenishment amount due across all matters using evergreen.


Include matters with no Retainer Replenishment Due: Toggling this filter allows users to include or exclude matters using evergreen retainers that do not have a retainer due. 

Currency: This filter will limit the results to the client’s invoices that have the specified currency set.

Report Columns

Client: This column displays the client's name in which the matters belong to. 

Matter: Matter name.

Type: Matter type (hourly, contingency or flat fee).

Status: Matter Status (open, closed or completed).

Trust Account Balance: This column displays the trust account balance this amount includes both trust payments, credit adjustments, and retainer payments. This balance excludes pending trust transfers. 

Retainer Amount: This column displays the required retainer amount. This is set at the matter level on the 'Edit Matter' page. 

Replenish When Below: This column displays the minimum trust balance before a new retainer request is sent out. 

Retainer Replenishment Due: This column displays the amount due, in order for clients to meet the retainer amount.