Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Kanban ViewKanban View for Rocket Project Management.

Kanban View for Rocket Project Management.

Rocket Matter will offer a Kanban view of our project management feature. In order to take advantage of the Kanban view, you must be using Rocket Project Management. This view will allow users to choose their case type and view their case statuses and transition them straight from the Kanban board. 

The available columns, also known as, "Swimlanes" will replicate the statuses that have been previously added to the chosen matter type, via Rocket Project Management. 

Within the columns, you will see cards. Each card will represent each matter within the status.

These columns or "swimlanes" can be ordered to best suit their logical matter progression, via drag and drop. Users shall also be able to drag matter cards to the allowed status swimlanes within the Kanban view.

There will be a count of the total matters that exist in the current swimlane, at the top of each swimlane/column. Cards will also be color-coded to display the health of the status they are in. 

NOTE: System will only allow matter cards to be moved into swimlanes that have been previously defined in the Rocket Project Management transition configurations.

Additional capabilities include the ability to:

  • Filter by the primary attorney on the matter.
  • View the total days a matter has been in the current status.
  • Filter the Kanban board by client.
  • Filter the Kanban board by matter health (whether the matter is within the allotted time frame).
  • Switch the board views from one matter type to another, on the main Kanban screen.
  • Click on the matter name in the matter card to be taken to the matter dashboard.
  • When cards are transitioned any matter templated attached to the new status will be applied.

For help using Rocket Project Management, click here.