Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTrust Accounting How to add a Payment to trust.

How to add a Payment to trust.

1. While on the Matter Dashboard, click '+Add New' and select 'Payment'.

2. Select 'Apply Payment to Trust'.

3. Enter the 'Amount' and 'Description'. Then, select either 'Deposit Funds' or 'Receive payment'.

Deposit Funds: Record Payment amount to Client Trust Ledger.

Receive payment: Collect Payments via credit card or e-check. The Matter Ledger will update accordingly.

Take advantage of Rocket Matter's fully integrated payment processing integration with Rocket Matter Pay. For more information, contact Rocket Matter at 888-432-1529.

4. View the Payment confirmation.

This confirms the Payment amount of $200.00 and indicates the Client's new balance of $4773.00.