Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseCustom FieldsHow to add Custom Fields to a Contact.

How to add Custom Fields to a Contact.

Custom Fields can be used for several things. A Custom Field is perfect for anything that needs at-a-glance referencing. They can also be used to filter reports or bills. Or, use Custom Fields as merge fields when creating Document and Invoice templates.

To learn more about Matter Custom Fields, click here!

1. Navigate to the Contact record.

2. Click the '+' sign in the 'Custom Fields' section.

3. Choose the appropriate field from the drop-down list. Then, click 'Add Field'.

NOTE: If the drop-down list is empty, navigate to your Global Custom Fields to create new options that are not set as 'default' custom fields.

4. Alternatively, you can select 'Create New Custom Field' to create your own field.

5. Enter a 'Field Name' and choose the field type from the drop-down list. Then, click 'Save'.

NOTE: If the field type is 'Select List' you will need to enter each option, one at a time. Click the '+' sign after typing each entry to save the option.

6. If successfully added, the new Contact Custom Field will display on the Matter Dashboard.