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Discounts: How to setup Discount Rules, and apply discount rules.

Discount rules are configured to give the user a discount for a timely payment. The amount of the discount, and the terms of early payment can be configured in the Settings section.

1. Click 'Settings' in the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click 'Setup Discount Rules'.

3. Enter a title, the amount of days the discount is valid, and the discount rate. Then, click '+ Add Discount Rule'.

4. Navigate to the Matter you'd like to apply the discount to and expand the 'Billing Information' section.

5. In the 'Discount' section, enable 'Discount Rule'. Then, select your rule.

6. Click 'Save Matter' to apply your Discount Rule.

7. To view the discount details on your invoice, you'll need to add the following to your invoice template.

The following Discount Merge Fields are available:

  1. «Invoice.DiscountDescription» - This Merge field shows the description of the Discount that is assigned to the matter.
  2. «Invoice.DiscountAmount» - This Merge field reflects the dollar amount result of the 'Rate' against the total charges of this invoice, which the discount is being applied to.
  3. «Invoice.DiscountValidUntilDate» - This Merge field reflects the date result of the 'Days Valid' field added to the date this invoice was processed.


Click the document below to view all available Merge Fields.

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