Rocket Matter Knowledge Base CalendarCreating a calendar Event with saved configurations.

Creating a calendar Event with saved configurations.

Create calendar events to keep your firm organized. Rocket Matter gives you the ability to create events that are one-time, recurring or all day events. You can even invite and remind participants. Bill-as-you-work and bill for your events while creating them; this saves you time and increases your productivity.

1. Enter the event title. Keep in mind, the event title will be the billing description on the invoice.

2. Enter the start and end date and time.

3. If applicable, select all day or recurring event.

Remind participants minutes, hours, days or months in advance. Simply toggle the 'Remind Participants' tab and use the drop own arrows to select the reminder time-frame.

4. Enter the correlating client or matter the event pertains to.

* Adding a 'Location' and 'Notes' are optional fields used to specify event details.

5. Enter the event owner. You may toggle 'Bill' to take advantage of the bill-as-you-work functionality.

* If billing for the event, you will need to select a billing date.

6. Click 'Add Attendee' if you would like to invite other people to the event. If the attendee is a billable user, you may bill for their time too, by toggling 'Bill'.

7. Lastly, you can add tags to the event if desired.

* Toggle 'Save above configuration as default', to save the event configuration.

This will save the event details that have been entered as the default for this matter's events going forward. If saved, the values will pre-populate each time the event form is opened. Clicking on ‘Delete default configuration’ will delete the saved configuration.

Note: The saved configurations will apply globally, if the original event was not tied to a client/matter.

‘Clear form fields’ at the top of the modal will clear the pre-populated event details for this event only