Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseAdditional Billing OptionsHow to run a Prebill at the Matter level.

How to run a Prebill at the Matter level.

A Prebill is a preview of what your client will see when invoiced. You can provide your billing users with a Prebill in order for them to audit time entries and/or expenses for their Matters. Billers may choose to run a Prebill to view the layout of their Invoices and tweak their Invoice Templates, if necessary. Many firms choose to run Prebills prior to invoicing as a best practice. You do not have to run a Prebill prior to invoicing, it is simply an option.

1. Navigate to the Matter.

2. Select 'Matter Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel.

3. Set the appropriate filters and select 'Get Answer':

4. Results will populate on the screen. Next, select 'Pre-bill'.

5. Select your file format and Invoice Template. Click 'Next' to advance.

6. Confirm this action by selecting 'Run Pre bills'

Toggling 'No' will allow you to go 'Back'.

7. You'll receive a message that says your Prebills are being processed. Select 'Done'.

8. Your Prebill will populate at the bottom of your screen. Click to open the downloaded file, or find the file within your 'Downloads' folder.

Your Prebill will be three pages long:

You can edit your Invoice Template at any time if you would like your Prebills and Invoices to look different or contain different information.