Surcharging with Rocket Matter Pay.

When utilizing any payment processing company to accept credit cards, there are per-transaction processing fees. With the increase in card usage, small firms especially may look to pass those fees onto their clients. With Rocket Matter Pay, you have the option to set up your account with surcharging which permits Rocket Matter Pay to seek these fees directly from your client. Surcharging is NOT available until you have applied for Rocket Matter Payments and have been approved to process with surcharging capability.  

Once you have set up Rocket Matter Pay,  for Surcharging, the redirection of processing fees for credit cards happens automatically.


  • Next-day funding is not available for surcharge accounts.
  • When Merchants start using the surcharge feature, they will not be able to issue partial refunds in the gateway. 
  • Merchants will not be able to simply disable surcharging once it is in use. Merchants would need to cancel processing and reapply for Rocket Matter Payments if they no longer wish to surcharge.
  • Surcharges will apply to all credit card transactions - This does not apply to debit card transactions, ACH Transactions or prepaid cards.
  • Credit card surcharging rate is 3% per transaction.
  • Surcharges will not be included in Rocket Matter payment reports.

Here is an example breakdown of a $1,000 invoice being paid by credit card using Rocket Matter Pay, with surcharging:

  • Invoice client for $1,000, a surcharge is automatically added to the amount owed.
  • Client pays $1,000 + Surcharge.
  • Law firm receives the $1,000 deposit, Rocket Matter Pay receives the surcharge.
  • These processing fees never impact the law firm's financials.

Here is an example breakdown of a $1,000 invoice, being paid by credit card using Rocket Matter Pay, without surcharging:

  • Invoice client for $1,000
  • Client pays $1,000
  • Law firm receives the $1,000 deposit
  • At the end of the month, the law firm is billed by Rocket Matter Pay for accumulated processing fees.

Notice: If you wish to implement surcharging, you are required to follow a set of rules defined by the major credit card brands:

Surcharging is restricted in certain states. You must verify the surcharging rules and restrictions for your state.

You will need to submit a notification form to Mastercard at least 30 days prior to implementing surcharging.

Surcharge fees are strictly limited to credit card transactions only. Once your firm has signed up for surcharging, it will be automatically applied to all Credit Card payments.

Debit card payments, ACH/e-checks, and prepaid cards are not eligible for the surcharging option.

Now when processing payments you will notice the surcharge amounts display in your payment details in Rocket Matter.

Clients will also see the surcharge information when making a payment online.

Clients will receive an email receipt outlining their charges.

Merchants may view all surcharge fees in their Payments Report in their Rocket Matter Pay portal

This allows your firm to properly reconcile with your bank activity.

Click here to learn how to set up your account to show surcharge fees on your payment receipts!