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How to create a 'Private Event'.

In order to use the 'Private Events' feature, you must have the Office 365 Online integration enabled in your account. We suggest you enable both contact and calendar syncing so that event attendees may view event details.

This feature also needs to be enabled by a Support Specialist. Please contact Support at 1-888-532-1529 or email us, at [email protected].

1. From Office 365, when creating your calendar event, click 'More options'.

2. Click 'Private', and 'Save' your event.

4. Observe the lock icon on your calendar event:

5. In Rocket Matter, the event owner will be able to see event details but other users will not. This is how it will appear to the event owner:

6. To other users the event will appear as 'Private':

NOTE: If there is an attendee who is also a Rocket Matter user, they will be able to see the event details but they will not be able to make any changes to the event.

NOTE: If the private event is set to billable or no charge, then the event details will be viewable on the recent billable activity and listed on the invoice.