Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBatch BillingChange billable activity via Batch Billing 'Bulk Actions' tool.

Change billable activity via Batch Billing 'Bulk Actions' tool.

Need to make changes to your billable activity? The 'Bulk Actions' tool is available at the Matter level while batch billing! Add or change expense or activity codes in bulk, change pending billable activity from one Matter to another, and change the billing user, date, or billing rate.

1. Select 'Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click on 'Run invoices now'.

3. Choose your Batch Billing filters and click 'Get Answer'. Your filtered results will populate under the 'Billing Options' filters.

Your Results Summary will populate below.

4. Click on the "+" sign to the left of the line item you wish to change. This will expand the row to display all billable activity for that Client and Matter.

5. Toggle the line items you wish to change in bulk. Next, click on the 'Bulk Actions' tab.

6. Make any necessary changes and click 'Confirm Changes'.

In this example, the 'Client : Matter' field was changed to a different Matter and the rate was manually adjusted. However, you may bulk update any of the fields displayed.

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