Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTasksWhat is a 'Task' used for?

What is a 'Task' used for?

Tasks help you organize your workload by representing items that need to be completed. Tasks are color coded in Rocket Matter according to due date for at-a-glance recognition. Your daily Tasks will be displayed on your main dashboard when you login!

  • Red Task: An overdue item.
  • Yellow Task: An item you have one or more business days to complete.
  • White Task: An item you do not have a set 'due date' for.

You can easily create, track, update, and assign Tasks to others. You can assign due dates and stay on top of them as deadlines approach. Tasks may be associated with a Matter, or they may be personal (not associated with a Matter).

Click here for more on creating and assigning Tasks!

The Task Report displays all pending Tasks in open Matters with due dates for all users.

To pull a Task Report, follow these instructions.

For help on accessing all Tasks for your firm, click here!