Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTagsHow to add, remove, or rename tags.

How to add, remove, or rename tags.

Rocket Matter’s robust tagging feature lets you get creative and stay organized when it comes to your information. Managing your tags periodically can help keep your firm’s data organized and readily accessible.

To access your tag manager, follow these steps:

1. Click on 'Tools'. Then 'Rename, Add and Delete Tags'.

2. Click on a particular tag. The applicable contacts, matters, events and documents will be displayed.

3. To rename a tag, simply begin typing the name into the 'Original Label field'. Enter your new name for that tag and hit 'Rename'.

4. To add a new tag, simply enter the name into the 'Add tag' field and hit the green plus to add.

5. To delete a tag altogether, begin by typing in the name of the tag in the 'Delete tag' field. The Global search will auto populate. Hit the enter button once the name is complete. This will set and confirm the tag for deletion. Hit 'Delete' and the tag will be purged from the system.