What is Rocket Project Management.

Rocket Matter has just launched a powerful new workflow management platform for law firms: Rocket Project Management. The new capabilities integrate seamlessly into Rocket Matter’s case management platform and help attorneys take a methodical and automated approach to managing their matters.

Rocket Project Management enables attorneys to easily create transitions between different phases of a case. Each phase can contain its own calendar calculations, custom data, and tasks, allowing legal professionals to set up automated systems so that they never miss deadlines. When a matter is switched from one phase to another, all of this predefined data automatically appears in Rocket Matter.

Along with the workflows, you’ll have access to sophisticated reporting about the status of the matters going through phases. For example, legal professionals can easily tell how many matters are in each phase, which are on schedule, and which are overdue. Rocket Project Management integrates with Rocket Matter’s Communicator, the software’s internal messaging tool, alerting lawyers on their mobile devices when the status of a case has changed.

To get started using Rocket Project Management, check out this short video and some helpful FAQ's:

Rocket Project Management

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