Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseBilling: Prebill Approval ProcessPrebills section: Processing Prebill Results as a Billing Administrator.

Prebills section: Processing Prebill Results as a Billing Administrator.

This process is designed to remove the need to print Prebills for review. The Administrator will have the ability to run Prebills in bulk and comment on the billable activities by line item. Additionally, Administrators will be able to tag Rocket Matter users (@Person), notifying them in real time.

1. Navigate to the 'Prebills' section.

2. In the 'Prebill Results' section, you will see a list of all Clients and Matters with current charges. Filter accordingly using the 'Prebill Filters', or leave blank to display all.

You can filter by Billing User, Primary Attorney, Clients, and more. Choose the option(s) that best suits your needs. There is no limit to the amount of filters you can apply. For instance, you can filter by Primary Attorney or Billing User and apply a specific Date Range to your results. Alternatively, you may leave filters blank to see all results.

3. Click the '+' to the left of the Matter to expand all of the billable activities per Matter. Utilize 'Edit Activities Inline', as needed.

For more on editing activities inline, click here.

NOTE: If no comments or unresolved issues pertain to any of the line items, you may continue the Prebill Approval Process by changing the status of your Prebills.

4. If a billable activity requires additional review, click on the comment bubble. There is one comment bubble for each line item.

Comment bubble enlarged:

5. Add your comments and tag the Billing User (@person), if needed. Click 'Add' to add your comments.

Once you click 'Add', your comment displays.

6. Select 'Mark Unresolved' to note that this line item is not resolved.

NOTE: As a best-practice, be sure Billing Users add 'Activity Comments' in the activity and tag you back. Doing so will prompt a notification for you to review this item.

7. After comments have been added to all applicable line items, use the 'Bulk Actions' tab to set the appropriate status. Toggle the line items you wish to change the status for and click 'Bulk Actions'.

8. Select the appropriate status from the 'Bulk Actions' drop-down menu.

  • Pending: Select this status if the items are awaiting a change/comment.
  • Approved: Select this status if the items are correct and ready to Prebill.
  • Hold: Select this status if you need to hold the items in the 'Prebills' section.

Once all line items are resolved, Matters can be moved from the 'Pending' status to 'Approved' for processing of Prebills or invoicing.

Click here for steps on changing the status of your Prebills .