Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTrust Accounting RM Trust: How to delete or close a Trust Account.

RM Trust: How to delete or close a Trust Account.

First, using the global search menu navigate to the client's contact record.

Click on the green trust account balance to view all trust account transactions and accounts for this client.

Select the trust account name from the report by clicking on the blue trust account name.

Here you'll find the trust account history and overall information for this client.

In this particular example, Sky Bro's has $1,500.00 in this trust account. In order to delete the account, you'll need to transfer or delete the trust fund balance.

If there are no trust funds in this account, click on 'Edit Account'.

Confirm the account name listed and choose to close or delete the account.

Close Account - Closing the trust account will set the account status to "Closed". This account will continue to be displayed under the trust accounts for this client.

Delete Account - Deleting the trust account will remove the trust account completely.