How do I find a report of E-Check payments?

As always, you can keep track of all of your online payments through the ‘Rocket Matter Pay' Payments report.

1. Click on 'Reports'.

2. Select 'I want to see my Rocket Matter pay transactions'.

This will show you the status of all credit, debit and E-check transactions as well as which accounts were used in each transaction.

3. You may edit filters, show or add columns and export report results if desired.

Note: Most E-Checks will show up in your report as 'Approved' upon processing of the initial transaction. However, E-Checks may bounce or have other issues that may cause the processing to fail. For this reason, always check the Rocket Matter Pay gateway after taking E-Checks as payment. E-Checks can take up to 14 days to fully clear.

E-Checks will always have much longer transaction id's. Knowing this will help you distinguish an E-Check from a credit card or debit payment.