User Setup Guide.

Welcome to Rocket Matter! Your firm has chosen wisely and decided to utilize Rocket Matter in order to increase your productivity and help you capture all of your billable time!

There are a few things you need to do to take advantage of the new tools at your disposal.

Calendar/Contact Integration and Email Sync Setup:

You may choose to utilize the Office 365 Integration or Imap your emails to sync them to Rocket Matter.

Our Office 365 Integration allows for a 2-way sync of your calendar and contacts, in addition to email and document syncing!

In the event you cannot access 'My profile', contact your firm admin so that they may grant you temporary access to enable these features or ask them to enable them for you.

Note: They will need your credentials to set up these tools for you.

Capture your billable time:

Take advantage of our bill-as-you-work tools to help drive your revenue up!

Customize your Matter Dashboards:

Customize your Matter Dashboard to display the information that is important to you!

Create and organize your tasks:

Add new Tasks for yourself to stay organized.

Assign Tasks to others.

Manage Task activity.

Manage your Calendar:

Create Calendar Events & Invite others.

Communicate with your team:

Utilize our built-in instant messaging tool. You can even send and receive documents or start a virtual meeting!

Get help:

In the event you need help with any of the above, please 'Chat' with us in-app or call our award-winning Support Team at 1-888-432-1529.

We also have a dedicated Support Site where you can find helpful FAQ's and videos!

In the event you cannot access a particular feature, please contact your firm administrator for help.