Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseLexShare Integration.How to enable the LexShare Integration.

How to enable the LexShare Integration.

Connect your LexShare account with RocketMatter for easy Document storage and more! Enjoy the benefits of our two-way sync with LexShare. You can bill for these shared documents, preview documents, download, email, or 'Open in LexShare'.

1. Select 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Then, select 'Document Integration Settings'.

3. Select 'Configure LexShare Credentials'.

4. Enter your LexShare credentials. You will need to have an active LexShare account to connect. When you're finished, select 'Login'.

  1. Enter the LexShare 'Username'.
  2. Enter the LexShare 'Password'.
  3. Enter your LexShare 'Firm ID' (found in the URL when logged into LexShare). For example: if your LexShare account URL looked like this: ( then 123 is the Firm ID number.

5. Once configured, you will see the language on the 'Settings' page change to read 'Disable ImagineShare Integration'. Click to disable the integration at any time, if desired.