Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Billing: Prebill Approval ProcessPrebills section: How to send Prebills to the 'Prebills' section from a single Matter.

Prebills section: How to send Prebills to the 'Prebills' section from a single Matter.

1. Navigate to the matter.

2. Click on the 'Matter Billing' tab located in the left-hand navigation panel.

3. Set your billing filters (Date range, Additional Items & Activity Type) then click 'Get Answer'.

  • The 'Get Answer' button will generate the results based on the filters you selected.

Your results will populate below. Make any necessary edits to line-items using 'Edit Activities Inline', or 'Bulk Actions'.

4. Click 'Generate Prebill' to generate prebills that will be stored in the 'Prebill' section.

  • 'Preview Invoice' may be selected if you wish to download a copy of the prebill to your machine. This will NOT send the prebill to the Prebill section.
  • 'Invoice' may be selcted if you wish to bypass the prebill process and directly invoice your matter (not a suggested best practice).
  • 'Print Results' will print the line-item results generated after clicking the 'Get Answer' button.

You will be prompted to confirm the transaction, click 'Generate Prebill'.

5. If you have billing access, the system will save the Prebills to the Prebill section and re-direct you to the Prebill screen. If you do not have billing access the prebills will be saved and sent to the Prebill section where the biller will process invoices/next steps.