QuickBooks Online: Troubleshooting tips

When syncing Rocket Matter data to QuickBooks Online) you may encounter errors from time to time. We have listed some of the most common errors below, along with how to resolve them for your convenience!

NOTE: This integration is only supported for customers residing in the United States.

Why do I have duplicate Clients?

This usually occurs because a Client in Rocket Matter has the same name as a Client in QuickBooks. Or, there are two Clients of the same name in Rocket Matter. To resolve this issue, you can either change the display name of the customer in QuickBooks, OR, change the name of the Client in Rocket Matter. To do this in QuickBooks, click on the name of the customer, and then click 'Edit', which will open a window where you can change the customers displayed name. In Rocket Matter, navigate to the duplicate Contact record and click 'Edit'.

Need to undo your last sync?

Follow the steps from this FAQ, click here.

Why am I getting an error message that says 'Unknown Error Occurred'?

An 'Unknown Error Occurred' error message is due to an invalid email format. The format of the email address does not meet the standard of the email address accepted by QuickBooks. To resolve, search for the specified Contact(s) in Rocket Matter and look for any special characters or spaces near special characters in the email address. Edit the email address and re-sync.

Why am I getting an error message that says 'Client- Unknown Error Occurred'?

A 'Client- Unknown Error Occurred' error message is due to the Client having no Matter attached or a modified contact in QBO. Simply add a Matter to the Client or amend the contact in QBO.

If the error message you receive is none of the above, it may be due to a syncing error in Intuit (QuickBooks Online)

Check the QuickBooks Online sync status here.

If a specific user cannot sync QuickBooks, or see the integration?

For Premier Tier users, you'll have the option to utilize granular permissions for the QuickBooks Integration.  To ensure the correct permissions are selected for the user, click here to learn more!

Disconnect, and reconnect the integration.

While viewing the configuration page, click 'Disconnect from QuickBooks'. This will not remove any data, your sync history will remain. Think of it as logging out, and logging back in. Next, reconnect the integration.

If you wish to disable the QuickBooks integration entirely, select 'Disable'.

If you still need help resolving your QuickBooks Online issue please contact Rocket Matter Support at #1-888-432-1529 or by email at [email protected].