How to apply Taxes to a Matter.

You can apply Taxes to your Matter after you've set up your Tax or Surcharge Rules. The following instructions are for applying a Tax to your Matter.

1.  Navigate to the Matter you want to apply Tax to, and select 'Edit Matter'.

Alternatively, you can apply Tax when you first create the Matter, under 'Billing Information' > 'Taxes & Surcharges'.  

2. Select 'Billing Information' to expand this section.

3. View your Tax Rule options.

4.  Select the Tax Rule you want to apply.

5.  Click 'Save Matter' to apply the Tax.

Take note of any alerts regarding un-invoiced items.

6. Taxes are reflected in 'Pending Invoicing' in the 'Matter Billing' section of your Matter Dashboard.

Any Taxes applied will display on your Invoice in the 'Total' field.

If needed, you can modify your current Invoice Template and add additional Tax-related Invoice Template merge fields to display the application of Taxes on your current Invoices.

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