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How to use Copy2Contact.

The Copy2Contact widget lets you quickly capture Contact info from a document, email signature, web directory, or any place you can copy/paste or drag/drop relevant Contact info.

1. Click '+ Add New'.

1.  Click "+ Add New".

2. Select 'Contact'.

2.  Select "Contact".

3. Select Contact info from an external source. Copy the info, or select it to drag-and-drop.  

2.  Select contact info from an external source.  Copy the info, or select it to "drag-and-drop".  

4. Click Copy2Contact and paste the information. Or, drag-and-drop data into Copy2Contact. Then, click 'Go'.

3.  Click Copy2Contact, and then Copy/Paste info  -or-  Drag-and-Drop data into Copy2Contact.  Click Go >.

5. Review your Contact details for accuracy and click 'Save'.

New Contact information is added!

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