Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseMobile ApplicationCustomize your Rocket Matter App experience.

Customize your Rocket Matter App experience.

Once you log into the App, you will be directed to your user dashboard, just like when you access Rocket Matter from your computer. For ease of use, you may choose how to use the app.

1. Click on the 3 lines in the top-left corner of the screen. This is your navigation panel.

2. Once the panel expands, it will display most of the same items you see in Rocket Matter on your computer. Click on 'Settings'.

3. Toggle 'Show Persistent Menu' for easiest navigation. You may also enable TouchID/Face ID, and choose how the App will organize your contacts.

Note: If you toggle 'TouchID Enabled' but your phone uses Face ID, you will see the prompt for Face ID the next time you access your App. Simply click 'Ok' to allow.

The persistent menu will give you access to a condensed navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. These icons give you the same capability as the ones located at the top of your screen when accessing Rocket Matter on your computer.

'New Timer' will create a timer for you to use to capture time.

'Add Expense' will open window for you to enter all expense details.

'Add Time' will open a window for you to enter a time entry of any type (flat fee included).

'Add Other' will open a window which is similar to the 'Add New' button on your computer. From here you can add new matters, contacts, events, tasks, time, notes, documents or even start a timer.