Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseTasksHow to view all firm Tasks.

How to view all firm Tasks.

1. Click on 'Tasks' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. The task list displays all firm tasks. This view defaults to 'Order Mode' which allows you to drop and drag tasks accordingly. You can view the list by 'Pending', 'Due' or 'Completed'.

3. Click on 'Filter Mode' to filter firm tasks to see all tasks created by you and assigned to others. You can also filter by tasks created by you and unassigned, created by you or assigned to you or choose a custom filter.

The 'Custom' filter gives you the ability to look for all tasks either assigned to specific people or created by specific people, or created by and assigned to specific people. Simply type the users name in the field. You may add one user or as many users as needed.

Results will populate in the middle of the screen. If there is a due date, the task will be color coded. Red tasks are overdue, yellow tasks have 1 or more business days until due date. White tasks have no due date:

Tasks that appear with a blue chain-link icon are tasks that are milestones. You may edit tasks if needed from this screen or bill for time.