Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseToolsHow to turn Invoicing sharing on in bulk.

How to turn Invoicing sharing on in bulk.

1. Navigate to 'Tools' and click 'Matter Bulk Actions'.

2. Select your desired filters for 'Case Type'. Under the 'Matters Without' section, toggle 'Invoice sharing configured'.  Click 'Get Answer' to apply filters.

3. The results will populate below. Toggle the matters you wish to enable invoice sharing on. In this example I want to update (3) matters, for (2) different clients.

4. Click 'Bulk Actions'.

5. Toggle 'Contacts receiving invoices for these matters'. Click 'Share Invoices'.

6. Enter the contact name, and toggle 'Portal' or 'Email'. Next, click 'Add' to add invoice sharing with contact.

7. Be sure to click 'Add another' to add any additional contacts that you need to share invoices with.

8. Add additional contact.

9. Click 'Update "X" Matters' to save.

Note: In order to use 'Matter Bulk Actions' you need to have this permission enabled. Please see your firm administrator for help.