Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Reports'I want to see a list of all invoices processed over a specified time period' Report Key

'I want to see a list of all invoices processed over a specified time period' Report Key

The total payments summary field only reflects payments and adjustments made directly to an invoice. If a payment is made to the operating account, this will not be reflected in this summary field. Also if a credit adjustment is made and the user chooses not to apply it towards unpaid invoices, it will not factor into this report’s calculations for payments (unlike the collections report). 


Start Date and End Date: Any invoices processed within this date range will be pulled into the report results. Payments and adjustments made towards these invoices will be surfaced in the total payments summary field and the payment column line item for the individual invoices. 

Currency: This will filter results to clients who have been set to the selected currency.

Matter Custom Fields: This filter will scope the report only to invoices of matters that have a matching custom field and value. 

Report Columns

Invoice #: The system generated invoice number for the invoice.

Client: The client the invoice belongs to.

Matter: The matter the invoice was generated for.

Date: The date the invoice was processed.

Cost: The total costs for the specific invoice.

Fees: The total fees for the specific invoice.

Invoice Total: The total amount of the invoice including fees and costs.

Payment Amount: Total payments and credit adjustments made directly towards this invoice.

Last Invoice Date: If multiple invoices have been run for this matter, this column shows the date of the most recent one.