Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseRocket Matter Pay - Credit/Debit Card ProcessingHow to start an automated recurring billing plan for your Client with Rocket Matter Pay.

How to start an automated recurring billing plan for your Client with Rocket Matter Pay.

Recurring Billing is one of the most promising developments for law firm profitability; it is also known as an Alternative Fee Arrangement.

Consider this: You provide regular counsel or service to a Client. The client could be a business that needs access to legal advice or an individual who needs estate management. They pay you a set amount of money per month to handle ongoing legal interactions.

The recurring billing feature automates the actual billing and the payment collection simultaneously. If the transaction processes successfully, then an Invoice is generated reflecting a specific monthly charge and the payment. You can choose whether the payment will be recorded to your trust or operating account. It’s set it and forget it! 

NOTE: If you add billable time after setting up a recurring payment plan, then the pending billable activities will be pulled into the next processed Invoice along with the recurring bill. To avoid that, we suggest you add time in Rocket Matter as 'non-billable'. Non-billable items do not get invoiced but can be tracked in Rocket Matter.

1. Navigate to the appropriate Matter to create a recurring payment plan.

2. While in the Matter, select 'Matter Payments' from the left-hand navigation panel.

3.  Then, select 'Recurring Billing' and click 'Next Step'.

4. Enter Plan Details.

5. Select one of the following Payment Terms.

Option 1: Enter specified number of payments.

Option 2: Charge Monthly amount until I manually stop the plan or the matter is closed.

6. Enter Automatic Billing details if you’d like to utilize this option.

7. Select 'Next Step'.

8. Choose where you want the funds posted. Then, confirm who receives Invoices and receipts. When you're finished, click 'Review Plan'.

9. Review the plan. If needed, over-ride any scheduled payments by clicking the 'calendar' icon and selecting a different date. Click 'Confirm' to choose the new date. After you're done reviewing, select 'Start Plan'.