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How to set Matter-level permissions.

Matter-level permissions restrict access to specific Matters. Only select users will be able to view select Matters. The steps below can be followed while creating a new Matter, or on existing Matters.

1.  Navigate to the Matter.

2.  Click 'Edit Matter'.

3.  Scroll down to view 'Who can view the matter?' and toggle to select 'Everyone', 'Just Me', or 'The following users..'.

  • Everyone: Gives the whole firm access to this Matter. This option is toggled by default.
  • Just Me: Gives yourself access to this Matter, solely.
  • The following users..: Gives access to specific users. You must add each user's name individually by typing the name of the user and clicking the '+' sign. Only the listed users can view this Matter.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Save Matter' to save your permissions.

Tip: Contact our Support Team for help on assigning Matter permissions for MANY Matters.

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