Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseLexShare Integration.How to use the LexShare Outlook Add-In.

How to use the LexShare Outlook Add-In.

1. Login to your Office 365 account.

You may use this feature from the desktop or web version of Office 365 Online. In order to use all of the features in the Add-In, the system requirements are Office 365 Online 2016, or better.

2. From any Message in your inbox, select the '...' icon.

3. Then, click 'Get Add-ins'.

4. Search for 'LexShare' and select 'Add'.

5. Use the Add-In while composing emails.

7. Sign in to LexShare with your LexShare credentials.

8. Choose from a number of operations! You can convert attachments, send files, request files, or request e-signature!

Request Files:

1. Upload to files- Choose the location from the drop-down menu.

2. Select a folder- Select the blue hyperlink and choose the correct folder for your Client.

3. Choose your link type (Direct, or Question/Answer).

4. Set your 'Expiration'. Toggle this option and enter the desired date.

5. Click 'Create Link'. This will send the Document request as configured.

Send Files:

1. Drop or upload the desired file.

2. Select a Client : Workspace and folder.

3. Choose the Client portal options.

4. Click 'Next'.

5. Choose your link type.

6. Set an 'Expiration', if desired.

7. Click 'Create link' to save.


8. Click 'Send' on your email.

Request Signature:

1. Drop or upload file. Only PDF files may be used for e-signature.

2. Select a Client : Workspace and folder, if applicable.

3. Choose your portal options.

4. Click 'Next'.

5. Select your desired link type.

6. Choose 'Custom Template' from the drop-down menu. This option allows you to add signers/and/or any type of jot bock to your Document. To add additional signers, click 'Add Signer'. Jot blocks are needed for all signers.


Drag and drop each jot block onto your document, for each signer. when done, click 'Finished'.

7. Click on 'Add New' under the designated signer to enter their personal information.

NOTE: If Signer #2 has the same email address as Signer #1 indicate the relationship in parenthesis when adding the signers information. Then, enter the email address.

8. Add any instructions and click 'Create Link' when done.

9. Go ahead and send your email once the Document has populated within the email body.

Convert attachments:

1. When composing an email using existing Documents on your cloud or machine, you may choose to add these Documents and 'Convert' them to be encrypted attachments.

2. Select the desired attachment(s) to convert in your email. You may select as many as you need.

3. When you're done, select 'Send files'.

4. Upload attachments.

5. Select a workspace. Select a folder if applicable.

6. Choose the Client portal viewing options.

7. Click 'Next'.

8. Select 'Direct Link' to allow access to anyone with the link. Or, choose 'Question/Answer' to allow access to anyone who can correctly answer your question. Be sure to use a security question the receiver will know!

9. Set an 'Expiration' for this link, if needed.

10. Next, click 'Create Link'.

11. Send your email. You will see the files attached to the email.