Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseCustom RatesHow to edit custom rates in bulk.

How to edit custom rates in bulk.

The Custom Rate change will only affect the selected, existing Matters, Roles, Clients, and Users the rate change is applied to. Custom Rate changes will not be applied to any previously invoiced items. 

1. Select 'Tools' from the left hand navigation panel.

2. Within the Billing section, select 'Custom Rates'.

3. Click 'Edit Filters'.

4. Include or exclude specific 'Clients', 'Matters', 'Users', or 'Roles' by entering the name in the field and selecting the toggles. Also, include or exclude Matters that currently have or don't have Custom Rates.

5. Select 'Apply Filters'.

6. View the filtered results.

7.Select from the following bulk actions from the drop-down menu; Edit Rates

8. Now, toggle to select the specific matters, or toggle to select all matters you'd like to changes the rate for.

Toggle to select specific matters.

Click here to toggle to select all matters displayed. When bulk selecting, be sure to note the number of matters in your display view. You may need to increase the display view when bulk selecting matters.

9. Click 'Apply' to make changes to the matters selected.

10. Enter the new rate, and the 'Effective Date'. Then, select 'Apply Changes'.

11. Confirm the rate change by selecting 'Apply Changes'.

12. View the results.

Note, if you have selected 'Exclude matters that already have a custom rate set', once you've applied the rate changes, the new custom rates will not appear unless you remove the exclude toggle from the filters.