Template Basics.

Invoices are completely customizable, allowing you to create polished Invoices that reflect your firm's logo and style.  

Invoice Templates are essentially Word documents with embedded 'Invoice Template Merge fields'. When you run your Invoices, the merge fields incorporate your Rocket Matter accounting data, ensuring that your Invoices reflect the most up-to-date billing activity.

To edit your Invoice Template, you can select one of Rocket Matter's six preformatted templates, or you can download your existing template. For more information, see How do I choose one of Rocket Matter's six preformatted templates?

When you download your template, it will be located in your downloads folder, to be opened in Word. Once your template is opened in Word, you can edit your document using Word's robust word processing capabilities. For more information, see How do I edit and upload Invoice Templates?

Here are some of the ways our Clients customize their Invoices:

  • Add your Firm's Logo to the first and/or subsequent pages by pasting the logo into your Word document. To learn how, see How do I add a logo to my Invoice Template?
  • Use Word's robust word processing features to change the font or style of your document.
  • Add or remove 'Invoice Template Merge fields' by referencing Rocket Matter's 'Invoice Template Cheat Sheet', which is downloadable from the 'Custom Invoice Template' section within your Rocket Matter account. For more information, see How do I add or change a merge field on my Invoice Template?

After you've edited your Invoice Template in Word, upload it back into Rocket Matter. To learn how, see How do I edit and upload my Invoice Template?

 Multiple Invoice Templates can be stored in your 'Custom Invoice Template' section. To change your system's default Invoice Template, see  How do I change my default Invoice Template?

Or, you can apply a specific Invoice Template to a specific Matter. For more information, see How to set an Invoice Template per Matter

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