Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseNotesHow to add Notes to a Matter.

How to add Notes to a Matter.

The ‘Note’ feature is convenient when a user needs to dictate notes or capture important data.

1. First, navigate to your matter.

2. On your matter dashboard, click on the green ‘+ Add New’ button on the top right corner of your matter dashboard and click on 'Note'.

- You will not be able to access this feature from the main dashboard, it must be accessed from within a matter.

3. In the window, type in the title and the body of the note.

- You can type beyond 1000 words.

4. You can bill and add a description for this work right here. You can also add a tag if you wish. Click 'OK' when you are done.

5. Notes will be stored in ‘Matter Documents’ on the left-hand side of your navigational panel.

6. Notes are identified by the red notebook icon.

7. You can bill, edit and delete from the 'actions' button.

8. For instance, if you click on 'Bill', a new window will open and you can edit right here then click 'Save'.