Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseInvoice SharingHow to share an Invoice with multiple Contacts.

How to share an Invoice with multiple Contacts.

2. Fill out the appropriate field.

3. The application will prompt you to enter that person as a new contact. Enter an email address and click 'Save'.

4. Now, navigate to your matter. Click 'Edit Matter' and add this contact to the invoice sharing feature below 'Billing Information'. Click 'Add another'.

5. Fill out the name of the related contact. Choose the desired name.

6. Toggle 'Email' and click 'Add'.

7. Verify the contact has been added by observing the new name in 'Billing Information'.

Please note: If your client has 2 email addresses; one office and one home, the system will favor the office email address. The system will not let you add both clients’ email addresses. If you try, the following message will be prompted: ‘This contact is already receiving invoices’.