QuickBooks Online: How to undo a sync

1. Navigate to 'Tools' in the left-hand panel.

If you don't see this option available, please contact your account administrator.

2. Select 'Configure QuickBooks Online'.

For Premier Tier users, if you don't see this option available please take note of the QuickBooks granular permissions. If the option 'QuickBooks Online Ability To Sync' is not enabled for the user,  the option to select 'Configure QuickBooks Online' will be disabled from the Tools section.

3. While viewing the Sync Log, click + to expand the last sync.

4.  Once the sync log is expanded, click the red 'Undo This Sync' to revert the sync.

Note: You can only undo the latest sync.

5.  All of these items will now move to 'QuickBooks Queued For Sync'.

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