QuickBooks Online: Disconnect and Disable

When syncing Rocket Matter data to QuickBooks Online) you may encounter errors from time to time. We have listed some of the most common errors below, along with how to resolve them for your convenience!

NOTE: This integration is only supported for customers residing in the United States.

Disconnecting the QuickBooks integration.

While viewing the configuration page, click 'Disconnect from QuickBooks'. This won't remove any data, and your sync history will remain. Think of it as logging out, and logging back in.  

If you need to reconfigure the integration, select 'Configure QuickBooks Online'.

DISABLE: If you wish to disable the QuickBooks integration entirely, select 'Disable'.

Once QuickBooks is DISABLED, it cannot be reconfigured without the assistance from a Rocket Matter Support Specialist. This option is only suggested for accounts that wish to remove the integration from their account entirely, and permanently.

If you're unsure, it's recommend to disconnect your account, which will disconnect the integration but allow the option to configure again if desired.

If you still need help resolving your QuickBooks Online issue please contact Rocket Matter Support at #1-888-432-1529 or by email at [email protected].