Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseReportsHow to use the 'Billable Activity by User(s)' Report.

How to use the 'Billable Activity by User(s)' Report.

This report shows what Rocket Matter Users billed during a specific time period for all Matters. The report can be run for an individual user, multiple users, or by Client or Matter. You can choose to display billable items, non-billable items, no charge items, and expenses.  

1. Select 'Reports' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Select the 'I want to see Billable Activity by User(s)' report.

The 'Billable Activity by User(s)' report can also be accessed from My Dashboard, by clicking on the 'User Billing' widget.

The 'Report Summary' will pull a monthly summary of all billable activity for all users:

3. To filter your results, select 'Edit Filters'.

4. Choose to filter by single or multiple users. For a more granular result, add additional filtering options like activity type, invoice status, and expenses. Click 'Apply Filters' to populate results.

5. You can also export your results for additional sorting or record keeping purposes by selecting 'Export Report'.