Rocket Matter Knowledge Base LexCharge Integration - Credit/Debit Card ProcessingHow to get started with billing and payment automation with LexCharge.

How to get started with billing and payment automation with LexCharge.

Attorneys are asked to do more than ever. The billable hours that you’re spending on actual legal work often aren’t captured or collected. And you and your staff are regularly spending precious hours during the week tackling administrative tasks.

Discover how to boost your revenues significantly and collect money automatically with LxCharge payment processing.

If you’re like many law firms, you receive your monthly statements from your payment processor that are impossible to understand. To understand your fees, our recommended payment processer LexCharge will perform a free cost comparison and quantify your monthly and annual savings from your existing processor. LexCharge guarantees to reduce your fees and help increase your firm’s bottom line profitability. LexCharge accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Getting Started:

  • Go to to truly understand your fees and how you can save, contact LexCharge today by visiting and selecting ‘Contact Us’ or dialing 888-522-9918.
  • While speaking with a representative from LexCharge they will review processing rates that you’re eligible for and provide an application to complete. If you’re currently using another payment processor, you can provide 2 months of processing statements for a Free Cost Comparison and quantify your monthly and annual savings.
  • While configuring your payment processor with Lexcharge, you can use your operating account, trust account or both accounts. 
  • To begin…
    1. Contact LexCharge to qualify
    2. Sign agreement with Lexcharge
    3. Lexcharge communicates with Rocket Matter and configures your Payment Processor for operating, trust or both accounts.
    4. You will receive communication from a customer success representative via email/phone to begin! 
    5. Join a LexCharge webinar to begin utilizing this feature!