Rocket Matter Knowledge Base DocumentsHow to set up and use the Evernote Integration.

How to set up and use the Evernote Integration.

You can integrate your Evernote account with Rocket Matter by enabling the integration in Settings. The nature of the integration is such that the Evernote documents 'live' on your Evernote server, but are 'mapped' to your Rocket Matter account.  As such you can attach billable time to the documents displayed in your Matter Documents section, and you can download a copy of your Evernote document from Rocket Matter into the Downloads folder on your computer. This is a dynamic sync, therefore if you delete documents from Evernote, they will also be removed from your 'Matter Documents'. 

1. Select 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click on 'Evernote Credentials'.

3. Sign in to authorize Rocket Matter.

4. Navigate to the matter you wish to integrate and select 'Matter Documents'.

5. Click 'Set Evernote Notebook'.

6. Enter the notebook name and click 'Save'.

7. Your documents will be stored under the 'Evernote' Tab.

* Use the drop-down 'actions' tab to bill for documents as needed.