LexCharge Sign Up.

Now you can sign up for LexCharge payment processing in-app! Utilizing LexCharge increases the revenue you collect on your invoices by creating an easy frictionless experience for your clients. Set up automated recurring billing, payment plans, and evergreen retainers so your clients have more ways to pay! Enjoy automated account reconciliation and a powerful payments report for real-time data and in-app refunds. Follow the in-app prompts as outlined below. 

1. Toggle the 'Get paid faster with LexCharge' tab from the batch billing screen.

2. Once activated, a pop-up will appear. Select from the drop-down and then click 'Let's Get Started'.

3. For your convenience, frequently asked questions and answers are listed on the left-hand side of your screen.

4. Enter your personal information, then click 'Next Step'.

5. Add your personal address, then click 'Next Step'.

6. Now enter your business information, and select 'Next Step'.

7. Enter your business address and select 'Next Step'.

8. Then enter or confirm your mailing address and select 'Next Step'.

9. Enter your bank information for your Operating Account and click 'Next Step'.

10. Enter your Trust Account information (if you want to take credit card payments for retainers) and select 'Next Step'. Choose 'Maybe Later', if you do not want to set up payments to trust.

11. Once finished entering personal and business information, read and accept terms and conditions and click 'Let's go!'.

An approval or a denial will be sent to you right away. If approved, you may begin taking payments right away!