How to audit LEDES billing using Audit Mode.

This feature is only available on our Premier Tier.

1. Select 'Billing' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click the number for 'Fees pending invoicing'.

3. Apply your desired filters and select 'Get answer'.

4. Select 'Enter Audit Mode'.

NOTE: 'Audit Mode' is only available while batch billing. 

5. Review the Report Summary and potential issues.

NOTE: If there are no errors found while auditing, no results will populate.

6. Select the '+' sign to expand potential issues.

7. Click on the blue billing description to assign the activity and task codes. Click 'Click Save and Close'.

8. Or, audit in bulk by selecting the '+' sign to expand potential issues. Then selecting the toggle under the blue 'Bulk Actions' button; now the 'Bulk Actions' icon is ready to use!

b. Select 'Bulk Actions' to begin to make the necessary changes to the selection.

C. Update the information and 'Confirm Changes'.

9. Once you have corrected all potential issues, collapse this section by selecting the '-' sign on the left-hand side.  

10. Once you've corrected all necessary potential errors, click 'Exit Audit Mode' to return back to batch billing.