Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Invoices: Bulk Payments and Adjustments -NEW!How to apply payments to invoices in bulk with e-check.

How to apply payments to invoices in bulk with e-check.

1. Click on 'Invoices' in your left-hand navigation panel.

2. Select your filter(s) from the 6 blue icons on the top of the screen. Enter your search criteria and select 'Apply'.

Note: You can take a deeper look and filter between 'Unpaid', 'Paid' or 'All' invoices for your client.

  • The invoices will populate below, in order from oldest to newest.

3. Click on the blue 'Pay Invoices' button.

4. Enter the total payment in the 'Payment Amount', select the 'Payment Date' and enter 'Payment Description'.

  • If the payment is more than the oldest invoice amount, the remaining funds will be applied to the next oldest invoice. If you'd like to modify the amount, simply click on the amount and enter the dollar amount you desire.
  • If the payment description is left blank, payments will have a default description of "Payment towards (invoice #)".

5. Once your payment has been allocated to your invoice(s) correctly, select 'Save Credit Card/E-check Payment' on bottom right of the screen to record the payment.

Note: When paying with credit card or e-check, the payment amount can't exceed the invoice payments.

6. Enter the client's payment information.

*If you desire, toggle 'Store payment details for later use' so that your client's credit card information will be stored in Rocket Matter.

7. Review payment details, confirm and click 'Pay'. The payment will then begin processing.

To take a look at your payments, retainers and their statuses check out the 'Rocket Matter Payments' report. Click here to learn how!