Rocket Matter Knowledge Base LexCharge Integration - Credit/Debit Card ProcessingHow to request a retainer for a client (Client level).

How to request a retainer for a client (Client level).

1. To request a retainer for a specific client, search for the client’s name using the global search at the top of the screen and select their contact name.

2. While viewing the contact, click the 'Add New' button, and click 'Retainer Request.'

3. Specify the amount you'd like to request and select 'Send Retainer Request.'

4. The client will then receive an email requesting them to pay the fee agreement.

The 'Request Retainer' email can be customized (See How to create and/or modify ‘Request Retainer’ email? ).

5. The client will be prompted to enter their payment information.

6. After reviewing payment details, click 'Pay'.

7. Once the payment is processed, it will be applied to the client’s trust account.