Rocket Matter Knowledge BaseDocumentsHow to move a Document into a folder.

How to move a Document into a folder.

Folders are used to organize Documents in Rocket Matter. Documents can be organized by moving them into folders from the 'Documents' section, or from the 'Matter Documents' section. The following instructions show you how to move a Document into a folder from the 'Documents' section.

1. Select 'Documents' from the left-hand navigation panel.

1.  Click on "Documents"

2. Select the folder that has Documents you want to move.

3. Click the 'actions' drop-down button next to the Document you want to move.

4. Select 'Move'.

4.  Select "Move".

5. Expand available folders by clicking '+'.

5.  Expand available folders by clicking "+".

6. Choose the desired folder location and click 'Move'.

6.  Select your desired folder location, and click "Move".

The Document has been moved to the chosen location!

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