Rocket Matter Knowledge Base Invoice TemplatesHow to edit and upload Invoice Templates.

How to edit and upload Invoice Templates.

Rocket Matter Invoice Templates are essentially Word documents with 'Invoice Template Merge Fields' embedded in them.

1.  Navigate to 'Tools'.

2.  Click on 'Custom Invoice Templates'.

3. Click 'Download Invoice Template' to download your invoice template.

- You can also select and download one of Rocket Matter's 6 pre-formatted templates to customize.

- The downloaded Template will be located in the Downloads folder on your computer.

- Where do I find my downloads folder?


4.  Open the downloaded template in Word.                                                      

- Within Word, simply paste your firm's logo on the cover page, and/or on subsequent pages of your document. Use Word's editing capabilities to scale and place your logo as needed.

6.  Change the formatting and fonts.  

- Use Word's robust text editing capabilities to change the font and style of your document.

7.  Add, delete, or modify 'Invoice Template Merge Fields' as needed.

6.  Add, delete, or modify 'Invoice Template Merge Fields' as needed.

NOTE: You may copy tables from the merge field list. However, having duplicate tables (attorneys fees or costs) will result in an error.

8.  When you have finished customizing your document, click 'upload' in Rocket Matter.

9.  Choose the file you wish to upload, and click 'Next'.

10.  Your newly updated Invoice Template will appear in the display window.

-  We recommend running a Pre-Bill to confirm that your desired edits appear on new Invoices.