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Payment Method: How edit payment methods.

When adding payments, you're required to select a payment method from a list of 12 system-defined payment methods. However, if some of the available payment methods are not applicable to your firm, these can be deactivated by an account administrator.

For reporting purposes, custom payment methods cannot be created. Payment methods can be tracked in the 'I want to see all payments towards all invoices' report'.

To learn more about how to use, and track payment methods, click here!

1. Select 'Settings' in the left-hand navigational panel.

If you don't see 'Settings', please contact your account administrator.

2. Select 'Set Up Payment Method'.

3. The green check mark indicates that the payment method is active, and will appear from the drop-down menu when adding a payment.

4. To make a payment method inactive, click on the blue pencil icon to the right of the method name.

5. Click on the black check mark to make inactive and click save.

6.  The payment method will no longer have a green active check mark, or be an available payment method option.

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