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CRM: How to add CRM to your account

Our integrated CRM feature helps you manage business development functions such as client intake, client scheduling, follow-up, and more, to convert leads to new clients.

NOTE: Only Rocket Matter Admins can enable Rocket Matter Legal CRM.

2. Click on 'Get Started' to sign up and add a CRM subscription with the ability to add CRM for other users.

Not ready yet? Select 'Schedule a Demo' to set up a demo of this feature.

3. Click 'Continue' to enable the CRM.

4. The registration page will load and will auto-populate your firm's known information, for ease of use. Be sure to fill out all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Click on 'Submit' to complete the registration.

A welcome email will be sent to the email address entered during registration. Keep this email for your records! A representative will contact you soon to go over all the features now at your disposal.

5. Welcome to your Rocket Matter CRM Dashboard, where you can customize your view and begin using the CRM as desired.

Once the CRM is enabled, you may invite other Rocket Matter users.

To invite other users: 

1. Navigate to 'Settings'.

2. Click 'Manage Users'.

3. Click on the desired user profile.

4. Toggle 'Allow access' to grant access to users. Be sure to designate a role, either 'Administrator' or 'User'.

5. Save your changes.  

To learn how to use the CRM, click here.