Rocket Matter Pay Portal.

Dive into your Rocket Matter Pay portal to utilize additional tools. Get comprehensive reports on credit card transactions and ACH payments. Analyze your processing data by day, week, month, or year. Complete partial refunds, if needed. You can even obtain a payment link to use on your company's website to get paid faster! 

1. Select 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel.

2. Click on 'Log into Rocket Matter Pay'.

4. Browse your portal to use helpful tools!

Dashboard: Easily obtain your processing metrics for the day, week, month, or year!  

Reports: Utilize any of the custom credit card and ACH payment reports for more details on your credit card transactions.

Payments & Refunds: Get a full list of all payments and their payment statuses. Click on a payment if you need to complete a partial refund.

Apps: Use the Apps section to obtain a payment link for your website and get paid faster!